Friday Five #3

This week’s F5 is a little shorter than previous, for a good reason! I kicked off my next big project on Monday, and have been excitedly busy trying to knock it out of the park. However, here’s a few great things to keep your senses delighted. Happy Friday!


1. Whole Roasted Cauliflower with Whipped Goat Cheese:

I did this without the wine since I didn’t have any on hand, but by using really fresh cauliflower and lemons, I didn’t find it lacking at all. In fact, I’m dying to make it again. Farmer’s Market here I come!


2. Lazarus by Image Comics:

I got my dad hooked on comics with this dystopian future’s tale. Elements of Dollhouse, where a heroine executes missions while entrenched in organizational scifi drama. Best of all, there’s a secret even she doesn’t know about herself. It’s rather dark and violent, so be warned.


3. Bryarly’s self-titled album:

I saw Bryarly performing at a local pie shop/coffee house, and was immediately enraptured with her songwriting, particularly the metaphors, stories, and divulgences she uses in her lyrics. I recommend this for long drives and the open road, or other places you can relax and listen to the lyrics.


4. Deep Focus Spotify Playlist

I like working with background noise, and Spotify’s Deep Focus playlist has been my Creative Flow State mantra for the past couple months. I hope it helps you focus, dig in deep, and make great things.


5. Drapery Experiment by JB Knibbs: I love the chiaroscuro lighting, texture, and colors here. JB Knibbs is an amazing photographer and artist, and I’m lucky to call her my friend. I recommend checking out her work if you like conceptual photography, surrealism, and light.