A video is available here.

“Depression” is a live interactive work which aims to give the participant the feeling of depression and foster empathy in the viewer. Looking in a distorted mirror, they see the world and themselves distorted with the effects of mental illness. Physical symptoms of depression, such as “decreased energy or fatigue.” or “moving or talking more slowly” inspire the slow, trailing way real-time movement is delayed and displayed. Participants may find it difficult to accomplish simple ordinary gestures in the mirror. Other symptoms such as “persistent sad, anxious, or “empty” mood,” and “feelings of hopelessness, or pessimism” are manifested in the aesthetic of the piece. Infrequent moments of colors closer to reality are dragged into darker, distorted hues before too long. The glitching echoes the “broken” feeling many people with depression experience. Anonymous quotes from people describing their depression fade in and out, like constantly recurring negative thoughts and feelings.

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