Habitat is a social impact game comprised of both a virtual animal and real-world actions. Utilizing humankind’s empathy toward animals, enjoyment of gamification, and desire to do good, we hope to help people take steps every day to leave a smaller environmental footprint. Climate change is an overwhelming problem, however our app makes it more accessible with approachable (and adorable) faces, as well as rewarding tangible, small action items users already want to accomplish more of. In our research, most of our interviewees said they already try to reduce and recycle and stated they wished they did it even more. Similarly, many expressed an interest in spending more time walking or taking transit instead of driving. These actions will be rewarded in-app by making your adopted animal happier, and earning you points towards a free donation the app will make to a charity helping your selected endangered species. Habitat plans to create real-world positive environmental change through meaningful and rewarding gameplay.

Habitat was created in partnership with Erica Jaung.

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