Performed on Halloween 2011 as a series of illusions, How to Make a Magician Disappear told the tale of a vaudeville magician’s assistant’s ferocious rise from assistant to headliner. The Assistant, having in the midst of a performance disposed of her superior, took to the stage to perform a plea of innocence. Disemboweled pumpkins, straight jacket tie escapes, and teslacoil electricity with a human conductor were amongst some of the haunting devices The Assistant performed as her defense.

Red lipstick, stilettos and glitter, my design for The Assistant’s character drew from sugar glass ceilings and helplessly floating Janes. Vintage filament lamps and period jargon helped the production hit on all sixes. The text held heavy references to witches burning at the stake, sawing through bodies, and emphasis on the verb choice involved in cutting a deck of cards.

I hope to expand this piece, as I believe The Assistant has a multiplicity of tricks up her sleeve yet to be revealed.

Thank you to Zach Moore for his work as lighting designer.

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