In 2008, I threw together a last-minute Halloween costume from my closet… I went as a lighting fixture– a Source Four!┬áSince, I have continued creating geeky costumes out of unusual materials! I recently focused my love of repurposed materials, creating a sculpture, Icarus, from fifty-two lighting instruments’ burnt reflectors.

LDI 2009 – Gel Dress made from swatch books to celebrate my internship with Lee Filters. Press: PLSN

USITT 2010 – 1 of two contestants in the Gaff Tape Dress competition hosted by JimOnLight & BMI supply. Press: PLSN, JimOnLight

LDI 2010 – Gobo Dress with sea-nymph-like gobo scales and assorted metalwork over silver tulle.

USITT 2011 – EOS keycap tuxedo featuring buttons reading “5, 1, 2” and proper syntax on the legs’ tuxedo stripes.

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