Selection of various conceptual and editorial modeling shots. I love collaborating both behind and in front of the lens. I enjoy working on a breadth of different types of projects, with a focus on new and edgy looks, immersive locations, and innovative lighting. Please contact me if you’re interested in working together.

Hologothic (Page Under Construction)

hologothic is a collaboration founded by Tahnee Gehm. A multi-media creative project involving photography, animation, motion graphics, costume design, modeling, writing, & social media, HG explores the future of AI through its unique animations and photographs. For a sneak peek, please visit us on instagram.

24 Hour Comic

24 Hour Comics Day poses the challenge: Can you write, draw, and complete a 24 Page Comic in 24 Hours? With no prior plot development, character sketches, or concept work, where the comic will turn is a mystery. 2014 was my first 24 Hour Comic Day, and it was a blast!

My story, Box Jumper, is the pulpy hero tale of a magician’s assistant, who finds herself up against both literal and personal demons. Here is a sample of a few of the pages. Full comic link coming soon!

Poison: Editorial

An album is available here.

Conceptual editorial series exploring mental health, PTSD, memory, and reclaiming your agency after experiencing trauma.

Model & collaborator extraordinaire: Kaitlin Cornell Krusoe


Habitat App

Habitat is a social impact game comprised of both a virtual animal and real-world actions. Utilizing humankind’s empathy toward animals, enjoyment of gamification, and desire to do good, we hope to help people take steps every day to leave a smaller environmental footprint. Climate change is an overwhelming problem, however our app makes it more accessible with approachable (and adorable) faces, as well as rewarding tangible, small action items users already want to accomplish more of. In our research, most of our interviewees said they already try to reduce and recycle and stated they wished they did it even more. Similarly, many expressed an interest in spending more time walking or taking transit instead of driving. These actions will be rewarded in-app by making your adopted animal happier, and earning you points towards a free donation the app will make to a charity helping your selected endangered species. Habitat plans to create real-world positive environmental change through meaningful and rewarding gameplay.

Habitat was created in partnership with Erica Jaung.


An original Circus Opera, Flight tells a story in two chapters: In the first chapter we visit a magical orchard whose trees grow women. When a lustful King discovers it, the women attempt to escape. All but one succeeds. The second act shows the arc of the relationship of his now-Queen and a bird she captures. Captivity and Freedom twist for power in Flight.

I met Flight‘s Creator Katie Gardner and Co-Producer Marissa Galin on an immersive theatrical concept project in one of my favorite classes at CalArts, The Art of Themed and Immersive Entertainment. After the course, we harnessed that collaborative energy to create Flight, and built an inter-disciplinary team including students of CalArts’ schools of Music, Theater, Dance, and Film/Video.

Climbing and Nature Photography

A selection of outdoors and climbing photographs. As an enthusiastic climber, hiker, and yogi, I love getting to challenge myself by capturing moments of nature & humanity’s beauty and strength. With a recent injury, I found myself less able to reach the heights or strengths I used to, but found myself at home hanging from a fixed point and being able to photograph others in action. In this, I found a new and stronger connection to nature. I hope to inspire the viewer to say yes to adventure the next time it presents itself, or for those not able, to vicariously visit places and reach new heights through my photography.

Graphic Design

Select presentation designs, renderings, logo & brand designs, and business cards. I also love photography retouching.

Due to NDAs, many images cannot be shown online, so please contact me directly for sample information.

Long Day’s Journey Into Night

This abstracted incarnation of Eugene O’Neill’s Long Day’s Journey Into Night attempted to highlight the disintegration of the pretense of sobriety in to a family drowning in their intoxication.