San Francisco’s only outdoor magic theatre and best-kept secret. Unless you know where to look. You might have seen our spread in SF Magazine’s “Hidden SF” issue of the best speakeasies in San Francisco, or when Ideo Labs wrote a feature on the design of the patio.

The Magic Patio is an immersive experience from the moment of invitation: a secret address leading to a box office of wonders to explore, a bar with themed beverages (the absinthe & mezcal Smoke & Mirrors, or reimagined Moscow Mule named for Morritt’s Disappearing Donkey), homemade seasonal baked goods, and of course, a wondrous magic show. The production value far exceeds what one would expect for a secret backyard in the Mission, and the illusions are built by the Magician himself. After three seasons of completely sold out shows (some sold out in under 60 seconds!), we are starting our fourth in June 2018.

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