The story of Icarus is a favorite, encompassing the iconic representation of our need to push boundaries and taking foolish, even dangerous risks for that experience. Like Icarus’ fateful [...]

Show Photography

Production photography from various shows including: BlizzCon 2017 (Lighting Design by Lamped Up LLC), Adidas 747 (LampedUp LLC), The Magic Patio (Lighting Design by Daphne Mir), and Six Flags [...]


Selection of various conceptual and editorial modeling shots. I love collaborating both behind and in front of the lens. I enjoy working on a breadth of different types of projects, with a focus [...]

24 Hour Comic

24 Hour Comics Day poses the challenge: Can you write, draw, and complete a 24 Page Comic in 24 Hours? With no prior plot development, character sketches, or concept work, where the comic will [...]

Poison: Editorial

An album is available here. Conceptual editorial series exploring mental health, PTSD, memory, and reclaiming your agency after experiencing trauma. Model & collaborator extraordinaire: [...]

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