Cyber Apocalypse

As guests entered, they were greeted by elemental deities rising from a balcony engulfed in flames. These creatures summoned immense dancing lights and sound from the four-story jungle beneath [...]


An original Circus Opera, Flight tells a story in two chapters: In the first chapter we visit a magical orchard whose trees grow women. When a lustful King discovers it, the women attempt to [...]

Modern Ballet Performance

Developed in partnership with Scottish Ballet, this was the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland’s first performance of their Modern Ballet program. The performance featured a wide variety of [...]

Long Day’s Journey Into Night

This abstracted incarnation of Eugene O’Neill’s Long Day’s Journey Into Night attempted to highlight the disintegration of the pretense of sobriety in to a family drowning in [...]


self-reflexive was a collaboration with Andrea Gise of agise & dancers. Exploring online self representation vs the non-digital self, our soloist danced with a projection of the digital [...]


The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland’s graduation showcase of Technical and Production Arts includes a costume and fashion show, portfolio exhibition, temporary architectural lighting installation [...]

The Daedalus Project

During my assistantship at Oregon Shakespeare Festival, after serving as the assistant lighting designer for nine productions and multiple designers, I took on the lighting design and programming [...]

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